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About Us

Although our story is relatively new, our achievements speak volumes.

About Us

Our Story

Our Story

Atipico, founded in 2018 by Jason Maynard and Samuel Piette, is a marketing and representation agency headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. The agency has seen exponential growth in recent years and now employs over 90 people throughout the province. Coming from family-run businesses and the high-end hospitality industry, they always focused on serving their clients and wanted to create a company that embodied their values.

Atipico has an impressive track record due to their strategic approach to talent placement. They carefully select and position exceptional employees to drive innovation and stay ahead of the curve. This commitment to excellence is a core part of their ethos, and their impact is felt locally and globally. By constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries, it’s clear that the world can expect even more from this dynamic and atypical organization in the years to come.

First steps
Atipico is born

This is where our story begins: On November 29, 2018, Jason and Sam quit their jobs to start Agence Atipico, a new entrepreneurial adventure.

1st Employee
Our first employee

Atipico was already growing and needed to hire its first employee. It was a pleasure to have our dear friend Valery join the team and become the first official team member!

The Move
Atipico moves into its first home

Atipico outgrew the dining room table, and it was time to find a new home.

Headquarter n° 1
Headquarter n° 1

The first big move for Atipico: This would become our headquarters and the beginning of a new chapter for the agency.

New hires
From 3 to 5

In less than a year, our team had already outgrown our new office space and was on the move to a larger one!

Headquarter n° 2
Headquarter n° 2

Atipico Agency once again needed to accommodate its rapid growth. During this time, our team grew to 6 full-time employees.

Latest news
Headquarter n° 3

2023 marked a significant year for the agency as Atpico had outgrown HQ2 and needed a larger workspace for their growing team. Here we are today, with over eight fulltime employees and over 80 BAs scattered throughout the province.

Our Mission

Every day, we are driven to exceed our past accomplishments and reach new heights. Our approach will always be genuine, transparent, inventive, and adaptable. We will harness the strengths of each team member to accomplish our objectives through a blend of strategy, human capital, and resources. With a touch of audacity and a good cup of coffee, we can achieve great things!

Our Values


Our business culture prioritizes transparency and proximity with our clients and staff. We firmly believe that trust and honesty are at the forefront of lasting relationships.


We encourage our team and clients to dream big because we know we can bring their vision to life. Our performance capacities and business model make us a unique agency in our field.


Atipico is a team, and we work to everyone's strengths. We have a collaborative approach and love celebrating both individual and group accomplishments.


Our team possesses vast combined experience that allows us to undertake every project with open-mindedness, versatility and inventiveness.

Our Team


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