Atipico has a team of highly skilled professionals with diverse expertise who are always available to assist you with your marketing needs.

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We specialize in creating content for a variety of industries, but our extensive knowledge and passion for the wine and spirits industry has significantly contributed to our success over the past five years.

and design

Branding is the art and science of crafting a unique and cohesive identity for a business or product that resonates with its target audience. It’s a multifaceted process that encompasses various strategies, each playing a vital role in shaping brand perception.

Packaging design

Logo design and graphic standards guides

Print and digital graphic design


Social media marketing involves using social media to achieve marketing goals and build brand awareness through content creation and community engagement.

Social Strategy

Creative Direction

Paid Social Advertising

Influencer Marketing

Content Production
(Posts, Reels, TikToks)

Community Management


Content creation is the process of curating different media types to engage and inform a target audience. t is a critical aspect of modern marketing and communication strategies that enables brands to connect with their audiences, create compelling content, and achieve marketing goals.

Graphic Design




Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing, is a dynamic approach that focuses on creating immersive and memorable brand experiences. Unlike traditional advertising, it allows customers to actively participate in a brand’s narrative and engage with products or services firsthand. This fosters direct connections, emotional resonance, and deeper brand loyalty. Therefore, it is an effective strategy to consider!

Interactive Marketing concepts

Guerrilla Marketing campaigns

Strategic product placement


Press Trip

Atipico recognizes the potential of storytelling and its impact on marketing. Producers can invite strategic individuals to visit their facilities and provide a hands-on experience with their brand through press trips. These guests then share their experiences with their followers or readers to promote brand recognition.

Project management

Strategic media selection

Content creation for invited media

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