Nicolas Feuillatte


Mosaiq is a well-known import agency with a reputation for curating exceptional wines and spirits from premier brands. Their portfolio includes the prestigious Nicolas Feuillatte champagne house, which is celebrated globally for its exceptional quality and renowned reputation.


Art Direction


Structure conception


Brand Ambassadors

Target audience

A VIP event for wine enthusiasts and the SAQ’s high profile customers.


Our team was given the responsibility to assist the Nicolas Feuillatte champagne house in creating a distinctive experiential tasting concept for the Champagne en Fête event held by the SAQ. Our main goal was to make sure their champagne was the highlight of the event.


Our creative team devised an idea to present each glass of champagne as a masterpiece in a gallery setting. We constructed three distinct walls to showcase the three different products being served. Each wall featured a golden frame adorned with a luxurious velvet curtain and a golden rope. Upon ringing the bell, a hand wearing a silk glove would emerge through the curtain to serve guests their champagne. This activation proved to be a tremendous success, with attendees eagerly sharing their experiences on social media.