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Atipico is dedicated to providing the tools and resources to effectively communicate your brand's story through our turnkey press trip planning services.

Let's tell your story!

Press trips are crucial for vineyards, distilleries, and importers to market and raise brand awareness in Quebec.

At Atipico, we have combined our passion for the wine and spirits industry with our creativity, organizational skills, and vast network of influencers, bloggers, journalists, and TV personalities to provide this unique service.

What does an Atipico Press Trip include ?

What does
an Atipico
Press Trip include?

High-quality content

We provide professional photography and videography services to create high-quality content that reflects your brand. We assist writers lacking photography skills and excel at creating visually appealing images that complement their written content for a polished and professional final product.

Media figures

We assist you in selecting the most suitable media personalities to achieve your marketing objectives. Once we understand what your goals are and who your target audience is, we will provide a selection of our recommended guests.

Tour Manager

We include a highly professional tour manager who serves as a valuable intermediary between the company and media personalities. Our tour manager guarantees a seamless experience for both the brand and the press, taking care of all travel documentation, assisting with itinerary planning, ensuring all deliverables are met on time, and much more.

Publication calendar

We supply the brand with a detailed publication calendar, where we will indicate when the publications will be available to the general public (Instagram posts, blogs, magazine articles etc.) You'll know what to expect and when!

Poste mortem report

After the trip, we send you a thorough report that includes statistics, recommendations, and created content.

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