Discover the Benefits of Quality Representation Services.

Atipico offers two unique representation services in the wine and spirits industry. Whether you’re looking for qualified ambassadors to animate your tastings or a representative to represent your products at the SAQ, you’ve come to the right place!

Brand ambassadors
& Wine and Spirits Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors & Wine and Spirits Ambassadors

Why do we provide this service?

We often encountered unqualified brand ambassadors at SAQ tastings who lacked basic product knowledge and provided incorrect information, which would damage the brand's reputation and lead to customer dissatisfaction.

What makes our brand ambassadors superior?

Our trained brand ambassadors are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to answer questions and provide accurate product information. They also happen to be charismatic and approachable!

How do we train our WSBA's (Wine and Spirits Brand Ambassadors)?

We ensure that all of our ambassadors are well-trained for every product they represent. Atipico organizes master classes with industry experts, provides training videos and technical sheets prior to each tasting, and administers quizzes to guarantee that each member is well-prepared for their tasting.

Does it really make a difference?

Absolutely! We have the highest sales statistics for animated tastings at the SAQ. Many reputable importation agencies have chosen us to animate all of their tastings.

We are everywhere
Across the province!

We are everywhere Across the province!

Discover the exclusivity of our personalized service, carefully designed for you by our experienced ambassadors in every corner of Quebec.


Atipico boasts some of the province’s most talented wine and spirits ambassadors. Our unique approach to this service guarantees that our customers will be more than satisfied with the sales generated by their lively SAQ tastings.

Our statistics speak for themselves.

Monthly animated tastings
65 +
Record number of bottles sold in a 3-hour tasting period.
Bottles sold to date in 2023.
14000 +

We are
an agency for agencies

— Wine & Spirits Representatives

In our industry, no other agency offers the possibility of hiring representatives for a specific period or mandate. We understand that smaller wine and spirit importation agencies or local producers lack the need or financial capabilities to hire full-time sales employees to represent their products. That’s why our solution is the perfect fit for these companies.

Our sales team can be hired only when needed, providing a flexible and cost-effective way to promote products. So, if you are looking for a team that can help you sell your products quickly or need assistance activating a promotional “push,” we are the solution you’re looking for.

When working with the Atipico Sales team, you benefit from the expertise of sales reps, coordinators, and a marketing team.

Today, we proudly represent distinguished companies, including La Cidrerie du Minot and Les Spiritueux Nomades. We are also privileged to collaborate with smaller importation agencies such as Cellier des Cigales.