Spiritueux Nomades

Les Spiritueux Nomades is for the young at heart, the curious, and the epicureans. The brand offers creative, accessible, and uninhibited products with character—a go-to for bars, restaurants, or at home. The Spiritueux Nomades embodies the passion for discovering the aromas that emanate from Quebec’s terroirs.


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Men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 who enjoy gin and the art of mixology.


Raise brand awareness and establish sales points throughout the province of Quebec.


At Atipico, our collaboration with Spiritueux Nomades began from the inception stage. Tasked with building their brand identity, we started with a logo and artwork crafted by a local artist. Our mission was to develop their packaging, define their brand image, and amplify brand awareness across diverse channels whilst having to be creative with a limited budget.

Drawing from the initial brief, we conceptualized packaging designed to command attention in a fiercely competitive market. Our labels exude artistry, sophistication, and refinement, appealing to both male and female demographics. In alignment with the founders’ vision of approachability, we crafted content that embodies youthfulness, humor, and relatability, ensuring the brand resonates with a wide audience.

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