Univins Vins et Spiritueux is a well-known wine and spirits agency located in Quebec, Canada. They specialize in importing and distributing a vast selection of wines and spirits and act as a vital intermediary between producers and consumers in the Quebec market. The agency collaborates with acclaimed international producers to offer a diverse range of high-quality products to retailers, restaurants, and consumers across the province. Additionally, Univins Vins et Spiritueux provides expertise in marketing, promotion, and sales strategies to support the success of its partner brands in the Quebec marketplace.


Brand Ambassadors

Brand activations

Animated tastings

Event coordination

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Target audience

It is important to note that each activation will have a specific target audience. Furthermore, it is imperative that all individuals belonging to the target audience must meet the legal drinking age requirement in the province of Quebec. This policy ensures that all activations are conducted in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.


Atipico has been entrusted with overseeing all animated tastings at the SAQ locations across Quebec. Our primary objectives are to drive sales and elevate brand awareness through innovative activations, leveraging our team of specialized wine and spirit brand ambassadors.


Our team is committed to boosting sales and increasing brand visibility through unique tasting experiences that are customized for SAQ customers. Our approach revolves around creating visually stunning and engaging animations. Each event is carefully designed, from the delicious food and wine pairings to the exciting promotional gifts, with the aim of captivating customers at every turn. Furthermore, we rely on our knowledgeable wine and spirit brand ambassadors to offer customers expert guidance and product knowledge, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all.

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