This distinctive hotel space, nestled in the heart of Old Montreal, offers guests an unforgettable experience by seamlessly blending the essence of a hotel with that of a museum. The Uville Hotel is meticulously designed to immerse visitors in the vibrant history of Montreal during the 1960s and 1970s.



Event Planning





The luxury hotel chain Épik Collection recently entrusted our agency with the inauguration of their latest hotel, the Uville Hotel.


Our agency conceived a concept to highlight the hotel’s unique attributes, drawing inspiration from the Montreal World’s Fair. To craft an unforgettable experience, each attendee received a personalized passport serving as their invitation. This passport played a pivotal role in the evening’s proceedings, as guests collected stamps while exploring various areas of the hotel, evoking the ambiance of the Montreal World Fair. Upon arrival, guests were warmly welcomed by our hostesses adorned in original Expo 67 uniforms, guiding them through an immersive journey within the hotel.